Cvstos Challenge Chronometer

Number 125 ST, circa 2007, curved barrel-shaped case, self-winding movement, waterproof function, stainless steel three-piece case, polished and frosted, side of case Deeply engraved grooves, lugs with cover, titanium screws to secure the strap shaft, screw-in crown, transparent case back fixed by 4 screws, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, square timing button, hollow dial, Stainless steel hour markers, luminescent dots, black dial with minute scale, small seconds at 9 o’clock, 30-minute and 12-hour counters at 12 and 6 o’clock, power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock Between 5 o’clock and the 5 o’clock position is a date display window with a magnifying glass device, luminous material filled with broad sword-like hollow hands, stainless steel, red small hands, Cal. 7750 movement, 25 rubies, linear lever escapement, single metal Balance wheel, self-compensating balance spring, shock absorber, fine-tuning device, palladium and titanium alloy rotor, black rubber Cvstos strap, stainless steel double-fold concealed buckle, case size 51 × 58 mm, thickness 17 mm, included Watch box and Proof.
[Brief Comment] At the beginning of the watch made by the son of the president of the Franck Muller Group, everyone paid attention to him even more than the watch he made. However, this fledgling young man still created his own sky with his impulse and thick technical foundation.
     Although Cvstos is relatively young, it also modified 7750 to have its own brand characteristics. The powerful and heavy watch left a deep impression, and the size of the case outside the 50 mm opening is even more impressive. However, the new brand takes time to develop, and it also accepts the hearts of watch fans.
It is often said that the market’s performance is always right, and it seems true.

Gordon Presentation Museum Series Watch Exhibition

Historical heritage. Craft Legend. Contemporary classics

 Pilots need precise, reliable, high-performance chronographs, which is why they choose Breitling precision chronographs. Breitling has always been the glorious moment of human conquest of the sky, and it is a trusted partner of the aviation industry!

 Breitling’s ‘Museum Series-Official supplier to world aviation’ is a set of classic chronograph watches, specially presented from Switzerland. The models include a timer and a clock placed in the cockpit of a fighter jet. Navitimer aviation chronograph watch, countdown function watch for World War II, Cosmonaute, the first chronograph watch to travel to space, navigation timer pocket watch specially designed for the U.S. military, commemorative Breitling hot air balloon to stop around the earth One week flight rescue table and so on. 9 retro models closely related to the aviation industry. The museum watch exhibition will be presented to you from July 24 to July 24 at the Gordon Watches Plaza in Taipei 101.

 The museum watch exhibition will be presented to you from July 24 to July 24 at the Gordon Watches Plaza in Taipei 101.

Show Unique Personality Tissot Six-t Series Pays Tribute To ’60’

The series name of Six-T watch is not only the best interpretation of the appearance of the watch, but also conveys a good meaning. The six ‘T’ lugs representing Tissot cleverly connect the strap and the case into a flexible lug link. Six-T contains a tribute to the number ‘6’, because clocks have been using the 60 decimal system that has been used in Europe since ancient Greece. Six-T follows and emphasizes this ancient method. Behind fashion design, it is full of retro charm.
Unique square design highlights unique personality
Tissot fashion series women’s watches always have a distinctive design. Six-T is even more true to its name, fully incorporating Tissot’s ‘T’ element into the watch design. Among them, the “T” in the middle of the Supreme lugs is composed of 5 top Wesselton diamonds, with a clarity of VS / SI, a full cut of 32/24, and a total weight of 0.078 carats, highlighting the “Tissot Made” Genes. Its mother-of-pearl dial features quaint Roman numerals at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock, adding nostalgic charm. The rest of the entire hour scale is diamond, echoing the diamond design of the lugs. Its ordinary model uses the striking “T” scale at 12 o’clock on the dial, which echoes the 6 “T” at the lugs. The 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions use bar scales, and the entire dial is clean and generous. With an elegant butterfly buckle strap, femininity is naturally revealed.
Compared with the old Six-T, the design of the new watch is more minimalist and emphasizes the decorative function of the watch. All new models are made of 316L stainless steel, one of which is a gold model with PVD coating. The whole of Six-T has been carefully polished, and the wrist is dazzling and moving, becoming the focus of everyone.
时尚 This stylish watch is suitable for various occasions, fully displaying the unique inner personality of modern women, becoming a unique view on their wrists.

Technical Parameters:
-Water-resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-316L stainless steel strap with push button butterfly clasp
-Gold with PVD coating
-T-shaped lugs in the middle of both sides are embedded with 10 top Wesselton diamonds, clarity VS / SI, 32/24 full cut, total weight 0.078 carats
-Dial with 8 top Wesselton diamonds, clarity VS / SI, 8/8 single cut, total weight 0.078 carats
Suggested retail price: RMB 2,550-4,950
Tissot-‘Innovation comes from tradition’. Since 1853, Tissot, with its traditional Swiss watchmaking technology and continuous innovative design spirit, has ranked among the best in the world and is a leader in the Swiss watchmaking industry. As a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor, Tissot has grown from a watch factory headquartered in the small Swiss town of Le Locle over the past 156 years to now has offices in more than 150 countries Global brand. Tissot’s leading position benefits from its unparalleled innovation ability, which spares no effort in the research and development of high-tech products, special materials and advanced functions. Tissot’s range of premium watches is wider and more diverse, but the price is more attractive than any other Swiss watch brand, which also reflects its commitment to ‘civilian luxury goods’. As the official timing and partner of the National Automobile Association, NASCAR®, Australian Football League AFL, Chinese Basketball Professional League CBA, World Motorcycle Championship MotoGP, and World Cycling, Fencing and Ice Hockey Championships, Tissot is committed to providing gold while respecting tradition Products of high quality and silver price bring the expressiveness, precision and self-challenge spirit of sports to the extreme.

2019 Baselworld Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-master 42 Watch

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42 watch is extraordinary in style, and it perfectly reflects the inextricable bond between Rolex and the marine industry.

A sailing watch

   Rolex expands the Yacht-Master series with a new 42 mm case: the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master42. The Yacht-Master nautical watch is equipped with a two-way rotating three-dimensional 60-minute scale outer ring, which is extremely easy to identify. The Yacht-Master 42 has a matte black Cerachrom ceramic outer ring that perfectly complements the black lacquered dial. Crafted in 18ct white gold, this is the first time this precious metal has been used in a Yacht-Master series. The sides of the case and lugs reflect a subtle sheen, making the outline of the oyster case more prominent and more attractive.

   Like all Rolex professional watches, the Yacht-Master model guarantees clear readings in all environmental conditions, even in the dark, with the unique Chromalight display. The oversized hands and hour markers are coated with luminous material for a long-lasting glow.

   The new model is equipped with 3235 movement, a leading watchmaking technology, which is the first time that a yacht-master model has been equipped with this movement.

   Like all Rolex watches, the Yacht-Master 42 is certified by the Super Observatory Precision Timepiece, guaranteeing that the watch will perform well when worn.

High-tech ceramics

   Rolex has repeatedly pioneered the development of ceramic technology. With its top technology, Rolex has developed a one-piece ceramic outer ring and ceramic word ring. This innovative material not only resists corrosion and scratches, it does not fade even when exposed to ultraviolet light. After years of intensive research and development, the brand has developed a unique set of professional knowledge and innovative high-tech equipment and manufacturing processes, so it can produce ceramic components completely independently.

   The Yacht-Master 42 is equipped with a two-way rotating outer ring and a matte black Cerachrom 60-minute graduated ceramic word ring. The three-dimensional numbers and scales are made by ceramic mold method and then polished. The first 15 minutes of the circle are marked with a minute scale for more accurate timing. The outer ring teeth allow the wearer to easily grasp and rotate the outer ring.

Oyster case waterproof symbol

   The Oyster case of the Yacht-Master 42 is guaranteed to be water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet) and is a solid example of reliability. The middle case is cast from a solid piece of 18ct white gold. Rolex watchmakers use the brand’s exclusive tools to tighten the fine pitted bottom cover to seal the case, so only Rolex watchmakers can access the movement. The winding crown is equipped with a Rolex patented triple-lock triple waterproof system, which is firmly screwed to the case. The crown shoulders are integrated into the middle case to protect the winding crown. The mirror is made of sapphire and is not easy to scratch. A small window convex lens at 3 o’clock makes it easy to read the calendar. The Yacht-Master 42’s waterproof Oyster case gives the highest precision movement protection.

3235 type permanent magnet

   The Yacht-Master 42 is equipped with a caliber 3235, a new generation of movement developed and manufactured by Rolex. The self-winding movement is equipped with multiple patents, fully reflecting Rolex’s innovative technology and cutting-edge watchmaking technology, and has made further improvements in terms of precision and reliability, power reserve, anti-seismic, anti-magnetic and convenient use. Perfect.

   The 3235 movement is equipped with Rolex’s patented Chronergy escapement. The new escapement is made of nickel-phosphorus, which is not only efficient and reliable, but also immune to magnetic interference. The movement is equipped with Rolex’s patented blue Parachrom hairspring, made of a unique paramagnetic alloy cast by Rolex, and its shock resistance is ten times higher than that of a traditional hairspring. The hairspring is also equipped with a Rolex end ring to ensure that the hairspring can maintain regularity at any position. The balance spring component of the movement is equipped with a high-performance Paraflex cushioning device designed and patented by Rolex to improve the shock resistance of the movement.

   The 3235 movement is equipped with a permanent automatic winding component, and the movement is wound by a permanent rotor. The structure of the barrel and the excellent efficiency of the escapement increase the power reserve of the 3235 movement to about 70 hours. Yacht-Master watches are equipped with this movement for the first time.

Certificate of Excellence in Observatory Precision Timepieces

   Like all Rolex watches, the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42 is certified by Rolex in 2015. This unique title proves that each watch has successfully passed a series of tests by Rolex Labs, and goes beyond the conventions and standards of watchmaking. The watch is tested only after it has been assembled to ensure that when it is worn, it can excel in all aspects of precision, power reserve, water resistance and automatic winding. The Rolex Super Chronometer precision timepiece, which is tested after the movement is installed in the case, has an average error of less than two seconds per day, which is more than twice as accurate as the average observatory-certified precision timepiece.

   The green seal is the symbol of the superb chronometer. Every Rolex watch comes with this seal and is backed by a global five-year warranty.

Oysterflex strap and oyster safety clasp

   The Yacht-Master 42 is equipped with an Oysterflex strap, which combines the sturdiness and reliability of a metal strap with the flexibility, comfort and beauty of a rubber strap. The innovative and patented strap developed by Rolex is a flexible titanium-nickel alloy sheet covered with high-performance black rubber injection molding. It is not easily affected under various environmental conditions and is durable. Oysterflex straps feature vertical cushions on the back for added comfort.

   The new watch is equipped with an Oysterflex strap with a 18ct white gold folding oyster safety buckle designed and patented by Rolex to prevent the buckle from accidentally opening. The strap is also equipped with a Rolex Glidelock extension system designed and patented by Rolex. This innovative rack system is hidden under the buckle cover and requires no tools. It is gradually extended at about 2.5 mm per grid, up to about 15 mm.

Case model: 226659
Oysterflex strap
Series: OysterPerpetualProfessional
Superlative Chronometer Certification *
Global five-year warranty

• Oyster case (integrated middle case, screw-in case back and winding crown)
Safety performance
• The crown shoulder is integrated with the middle case
• 42 mm
• 18ct white gold
Middle case
• 18ct white gold, polished
Outer ring
• 18ct white gold, two-way rotating outer ring
60-minute graduated matte black ceramic Cerachrom circle;
Polished, three-dimensional scale and numbers, marked in the first 15 minutes of the circle
Minute scale
Bottom cover
• Solid, screw-in, fine pit pattern
Winding crown
• Screw-in, triple-lock triple waterproof system
• Scratch-resistant blue crystal
• Double anti-reflective small window convex lens to enlarge the calendar
Waterproof depth
• 100 meters (330 feet)
• Rolex 3235 movement
• Permanent motion rotor for two-way automatic winding for mechanical movement
• Within two seconds of each day (after the movement is installed in the case)
• Central hours, minutes and seconds
• Reliable fast-adjusting instant jump calendar at 3 o’clock
• Stop-second function to accurately adjust the time
Balance with hairspring
• Frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
• Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring
• Rolex End Circle
• Extra large inertia fine-tuning balance wheel
• Four gold fine-tuning nuts for precise time adjustment
• Balance splint
• High-performance Paraflex cushioning device
• High-performance Chronergy escapement
• Paramagnetic nickel-phosphorus alloy fork and escape wheel
• 31 rubies
Power reserve
• About 70 hours
• Black paint
• 18ct white gold hour markers, easy to read Chromalight luminous (persistent blue light)
• 18ct white gold hands, easy-to-read Chromalight (long-lasting blue light)
• Oysterflex
• High-performance rubber-coated elastic metal sheet
• 18ct white gold folding oyster safety clasp
• RolexGlidelock extension system (approximately 2.5mm step by step, up to about 15mm)

Aimi Long Invites You To Share The 2015 First Watch & Clock Fair In Western China

The pure Swiss independent watch brand Aimi Long watch and the Swiss Emperor Watch tour show debuted in the mountain city of Chongqing on November 16. This tour is both the Emmy Long Rui tour and the first watch and clock expo in western China. The scale is huge. Switzerland’s Emmy and more than 20 world famous watch brands shine this winter.

 A time and space trip with Swiss Emily Long met you in Yudu, the Swiss Emily brand that inherits the longest spirit of Geneva watchmaking, and brought the world’s most innovative full dial large moonphase watch Moonphase to Chongqing Liberation The monument will show you the elaborate wrist art works.

 Swiss Amyron watch is always known for its unique design and elaborate craftsmanship and heritage of value. Its brand DNA-time wing shape, runs through all series, whether it is men’s watches, women’s watches, quartz watches and mechanical watches. The spirit and vitality of the Geneva watchmaking spirit is not shown at all times.

 Wings of time, contemporary luxury, royal pearls, Jingya and more than ten well-known classic series watches, shining in the light of spotlights. The multi-functional automatic mechanical watch with two hours, power reserve and three calendar months in Laimon showcases the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship.

 At this horological exhibition, there is also this year’s new MAGNOLIA magnolia series watch. The magnolia watch combines the pure traditional elements of Emilion: a beautiful round case, a unique streamlined wings, and a slightly inward convergence. The two-winged lugs look like a pair of folded arms embracing the entire case, and the entire watch looks like a magnolia bud with buds to be placed. The dial’s craftsmanship is extremely delicate, filling the entire dial with delicate water ripples. While marking the Amy Long time-wing DNA, it produces a vertical stripe-like light and shadow effect; twelve split flower round nails are elegantly embellished On the velvet-like soft blue dial, the magnificent magnolia flower is like a star holding the moon; the magnolia flower is finely carved from natural fritillary, and the three-dimensional magnolia branch is fine but vigorous.

Be in close contact with these exquisite timepieces, witness the passing of time, and listen to the jumping of time; Amy Long invites you to enjoy this feast of watches and clocks!

Ulysse Nardin’s Independent New Movement Un-118 Launch Conference

On November 6, 2012, Ulysse Nardin, a Swiss high-end watch, held its nationwide launching ceremony of the independent new movement UN-118 at The Group on Hengshan Road.

From right to left: Mr. Hoffmann, CEO of Athens Watch; Mr. Yan Tingpeng, General Manager of Greater China of Athens Watch; Mr. Dong Mingliang, Sales Director of Athens Watch China, toasting the original nautical observatory equipped with the new self-centered movement UN118 Watch Release

 Swiss high-end watch Athens watch, with its rigorous scientific research attitude and outstanding innovative ideas, has been tirelessly pioneering the development of high-end mechanical watches. The UN-118 Questyle movement is 100% independently developed by the Athen Watch, and it is another breakthrough movement that belongs to the Athen Watch alone.

Swiss luxury watch Athens watch holds independent UN-118 launch conference at Hengshan Road The-Group

 At the press conference, Mr. Patrik P. Hoffmann, the global chief executive of Athenian Switzerland, and Mr. Yan Tingpeng, the general manager of Greater China, introduced all attendees to the UN-118 movement of the Athenian watch and the new marine astronomical watch with this movement. Write a landmark for the Athens logbook.

The launch of the UN-118 independent movement of the Swiss Athens watch

A true watchmaker forged in a century and a half
 The Athenian Watch was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland in 1846 and is world-renowned for its nautical astronomical clock. For 166 years, the watch of Athens has always implemented the law of victory in which challenges lead opportunities and persistent research. Whether it is the dazzling and complicated astronomical trilogy in 1985, the first Freak seven-day tourbillon watch in 2001, or another outstanding independent new movement in 2012, UN-118, the past glory and today The strength of all proves that the Athens watch is the leader on the road to the renaissance of mechanical watches.

CEO of Athens Watch-Patrik-P & mdash; Mr. Hoffmann unveils original nautical astronomical watch equipped with Athens watch’s new self-centered movement UN118

 The curved wall on the first floor of the event site displays the historical events of the Athens Watch since its birth. The clear timeline and colorful pictures are accompanied by detailed explanations in the voice guide. Everyone seems to be in the history of the Athens Watch. In the museum, physically and mentally experience the growth and transformation of the Athenian watch in the 166 years.

CEO of Athens Watch-Patrik-P & mdash; Mr. Hoffmann unveils original nautical astronomical watch equipped with Athens watch’s new self-centered movement UN118

Industry leaders on the road to exploring innovative materials
 With regard to the innovative application of avant-garde materials, Athens Watch once again declared its pioneer position in the watch altar with the UN-118 movement. The movement UN-118 follows the pace of the first independently-developed Sonata watch movement UN-66 / 67 and the anniversary movement UN-160 developed by Athens Watch, a major step forward in the innovation of movement technology. . And the new material used in the escapement of the heart of the mechanical watch is an unprecedented pioneering work.

The exhibition area on the first floor shows guests the history of Athens watches and the way of independent watchmaking

 This movement is the first to use a silicon balance spring and a patented DIAMonSIL escapement (patented DIAMonSIL anchor escapement and patented DIAMonSIL escapement wheel), with a homemade oscillator that can be tuned with 4 screws. , And silicon 1.1.1 hairspring. This oscillator was patented in 2007 and first launched on the market in March 2008. It is used in Sonata silicon crystal limited watches.
 DIAMonSIL is the perfect combination of silicon and synthetic diamond. It is a very lightweight but hard material that reduces friction and eliminates the need to add lubricant to the escapement. The escapement of the movement UN-118 was developed by the cooperation between the Athenian watch factory and the Swiss Sigatec company. Sigatec is the only company in the world that can produce high-precision parts from silicon and DiamonSil, and it possesses very important nanotechnology.
 The second floor of the event site displays the materials used in the movement parts and the decomposed parts of the escapement. You can see the magical silicon crystal and diamond silicon through a magnifying glass at a close distance, and appreciate each UN-118 more deeply. A detail. The video of assembling the UN-118 movement was played in a loop next to the booth. At the same time, detailed introductions were also written on the static display board, so that everyone present could understand the arduous course of the movement from the beginning to the final completion of the movement.

Diamond silicon crystal movement viewing

The great artist who created the original watch
 The new Nautical Observatory watch is amazing not only for its perfect and precise movement inside, but also for its dial, the exquisite enamel dial handmade by the globally recognized enamel dial expert Donzé Cadrans. In September 2011, Athenian Switzerland announced the successful acquisition of Donzé Cadrans SA, an expert in high-quality enamel painted dials, so that this century-old craftsmanship can be perfectly presented on Athenian products. The dial of the Nautical Observatory watch is beautiful and dazzling. The black Roman numerals and rough cherry red intersect with the white background color, showing an intuitive and interesting picture.
 The third floor of the event site is the home of the press conference. As the curved display panel slowly slides out, the nautical observatory’s wrist is in front of everyone. Mr. Patrik P. Hoffmann, the global CEO of Athenian Switzerland, and Mr. Yan Tingpeng, the general manager of Greater China, raised the wine glass in the hands of the guests and celebrated the official launch of the UN-118 movement and the Marine Observatory Watch.
 The Swiss Athenian watch perfectly demonstrated the watchmaking art and excellent precision through the UN-118 movement and the Marine Observatory Watch, and led the brand to sail in a maverick way and esteemed the heroes.

Chanel Watch Specialty Store Settles In Beijing Wangfujing Department Store

In addition to color, the use of lines is also a major feature of Chanel Beijing Wangfujing Department Store’s watch specialty store. The wall in the store is stitched with patchwork black wooden siding and decorated. The golden lines and the same details also appear on the ceiling, chandeliers, showcases and high stool backs. They are very simple but artistic—the designer perfectly blends Chanel’s most iconic design elements with the environment, without revealing Sensibly surrounds every customer. The overall design adopts the simplest and clearest way, combining the brand’s elegant spirit and luxurious texture, reflecting the outstanding qualities of modern art beauty. In such a comfortable space, guests can easily choose Chanel’s full range of watches, from the classic ‘Première’ series, to break the tradition and strive for innovation ‘J12’ series, and luxury high-end jewelry limited watches.
    Since the introduction of the first “Première” watch in 1987, Chanel has gradually established its own watch kingdom and has become a force that cannot be ignored in the high-end watch market. In 1993, Chanel officially acquired G & F Châtelain, one of the most well-known watch assembly factories in the region. The watch factory is known for its expertise in case, bracelet and gem setting. In an area of ​​8,000 square meters, Chanel is here to combine its innovative ideas, high-tech materials and traditional Swiss technology to create a unique wrist watch. Cutting-edge technology combined with traditional watchmaking technology, from the making of the watch case strap to the installation of the Swiss advanced movement, thus turning every creative spark of Chanel into reality. The combination of human hands, precise machinery, the mysterious watchmaking process in the laboratory, and the art of precious gemstones are combined here to create a technique that displays delicate watchmaking.

Certina Waterproof Watch Entered Water Two Times The Mall Refuses To Present Documents

Consumer Mr. Lin bought a Certina waterproof watch imported from Switzerland, but the watch has been flooded twice recently. As of press time, the distributor Sheng Shi Piao Xing did not comment on the matter.
Mr. Lin introduced that on June 22, he spent 3375 yuan in a shopping mall in Dongjiekou and purchased a Certina waterproof watch that he claimed was imported from Switzerland. For the first time in July, water had entered the watch. After several negotiations between the two parties, the dealer agreed to change the accessories for this watch, but he also paid 300 yuan for this.
Mr. Lin told reporters that on September 6, when he was washing his hands, the inside of the waterproof watch was filled with water again. He found the Shengshi watch company, and the dealer replied that the watch in question had to be sent back to the manufacturer for evaluation.
At 3:30 pm on the 25th, the reporter and Mr. Lin came to the mall together. There is mist and water drops on the inside of the Certina watch worn by Mr. Lin on his wrist, making it difficult to see the numbers on the dial. On the back of the invoice, ‘The guest changed the head of the meter’ on August 3, 2010, and stamped it.
At around 4: 5 pm, the sales guide of Sheng Shi Piao Xing called a staff member named Lin. When a reporter asked for an interview, the staff member of the surname Lin said that she did not understand the matter.
The reporter was informed last night that Mr. Lin had lodged a complaint with the industry and commerce department yesterday afternoon.
The reporter also interviewed Mr. Pu, the head of the operation department of this mall. When the reporter proposed to read the entry ticket of this Certina watch, Mr. Pu said that only the Consumers Association can read the relevant information of this watch.
The reporter did not see relevant certificates during the interview with Sheng Shi Piao Xing. Mr Pu said that there was a contract between the mall and the dealer. The mall will definitely ask the dealer to show the relevant licenses when attracting investment. However, Mr. Pu did not show the reporter the relevant licenses of Sheng Shi’s watch and bank.
As of press time, the reporter has not received a call from the person in charge of Shengshi Watch Co., or any feedback from Shengshi Watch Co. on the matter.

Iwc Releases The New ‘ocean Racer’ Watch

The Volvo Ocean Race, known as the ‘Mt. Everest’, set sail in Spain on October 11, starting with Alicante in Spain and ending in Gothenburg, Sweden, from October 2014 to June 2015 Seven teams will fight for the final victory under the worst conditions. Schaffhausen IWC will be the official designated timekeeper for the second time, and will compete alongside the participating teams in the world’s most difficult offshore races. To celebrate the opening of the Volvo Ocean Race, IWC has also launched a limited edition of 1,000 Portuguese marine elite ‘Ocean Racer’ watch. In addition, IWC is also a sponsor and partner of the Abu Dhabi Racing Team. Coincidentally, the Abu Dhabi Sailing Team is also participating in the Volvo Ocean Race for the second time.

   The 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race will witness the debut of the Volvo Ocean 65, a high-performance sailing vessel up to 20 meters long. For the first time in more than 10 years, a team of women from all over the world will participate in this Volvo Ocean Race. During the nine-month endurance race, the fleet docked 9 times and replenished and repaired for a total range of 38,739 nautical miles (approximately 71,745 kilometers).

   To meet the challenges of a unique sports environment, the new Portuguese marine elite ‘Ocean Racer’ (Ref. IW390216) is a men’s watch with a distinct sporting character. ‘This watch is specially created for the sportsmanship and passion for extreme sports,’ said Georges Kern.

   Marine instrument-like precision is part of the genes of the IWC Portuguese watch. With a watch diameter of 45.4 millimeters, IWC specifically designed the production of the 89361 movement, with a flyback timing function. The 12-hour timekeeping record is displayed on the small dial with hands, and a black rubber strap inlaid with crocodile leather. With extraordinary quality and marine performance. The water-resistant depth of this watch is 6 bar (approximately 60 meters). In addition, it is the only watch in Portugal’s nautical elite series with crown protection and luminous hands and graduations. The 360 ​​° rotor, modeled after a sailing rudder, reveals the theme of extreme sailing.

Abu Dhabi sailing team continues its journey

   Schaffhausen has once again become the official partner and sponsor of the Abu Dhabi Sailing Team. Since becoming the first Arab member at the last Volvo Ocean Race, the Abu Dhabi Sailing Team has participated for the second time this year. Continuing the journey, two-time Olympic silver medalist Ian Walker will be in charge of the fleet.

Deserved Classic Zenith Flagship Happy Series 18.2080.4021/01.C494 Watch Brief Review

Zenith watches have always been known for the perfect combination of bold creative design styles and mechanical watch watches. In recent years, some very powerful watch products have been introduced, such as the ones we mentioned in the previous issue. ‘A Wonderful Work! Appreciation of Zenith Christopher Columbus Tourbillon Watch ‘is a personal tourbillon watch with very collectible value. Today I bring to you another Zenith new watch,’ The flagship Zenith wrist watch Watch series 18.2080.4021 / 01.C494 ‘Next, let’s take a look at this very delicate watch with me.

  The design style of this watch still continues the avant-garde design concept of Zenith. It uses the more popular rose gold material as the case, the silver sun dial, the time scale with the luminous function, and the movement uses Zenith. El Primero 4021 automatic mechanical movement, this movement can reach 100 meters water resistance. In addition, it also has timing, power reserve display and flyback timing functions, which can be called a classic watch in terms of materials and design.

  According to the convention, let’s take a look at the overall function analysis chart of this watch. The reason why this watch is called ‘classic’ is mainly because it has most of the functions of the watch, and the Zenith Happy Series The classic design style will surely win the favor of most men, and the popularity of the happy series before also fully illustrates this problem.

  At three o’clock is a small 30-minute chronograph dial with blue hands. The hands on the dial are carefully hand-hemmed. It is very beautiful with the silver sun dial in white and blue.

  At 6 o’clock is the small dial of the power reserve indicator. The power reserve indicator has also been blued. The power reserve indicator dial is divided into four areas. When the power reserve is less than or equal to six hours, the display area is done. A red reminder prompts you to wind up the chain in time to add power.

  At nine o’clock, Zenith’s iconic ‘happy’ design has to be said. The happy dial displays the legendary movement with a frequency of 36,000 times per hour. Happy design not only lies in the mysterious charm it radiates, but also the curiosity it inspires. What is certain is that the flagship happy watch is a wonderful workmanship, a timepiece with 100% technology and 100% passion.

  Next, let’s take a look at the real shot of this watch. Since this watch is less affected by time and venue in China, the shooting effect has declined, I hope everyone can understand.

  The time scale, hour and minute hands are faceted with rhodium metal and hand-set diamonds. And it has a luminous time reading function, which can provide accurate time reading even in relatively dark environments.

  The most powerful design of this watch is that the design of the heart dial can be described as a great idea of ​​Zenith, which shows the perfectly synchronized movement of the movement, and is regarded as ‘the world’s most ‘The mass production movement’ has a charming gear structure.

  This watch uses sapphire crystal glass to penetrate the case back. In addition to the movement of the movement inside the dial, we can also see the movement of the movement inside the case at any time, rhodium plated; the bridge is decorated with perlage And chamfer decoration; pendulum, shifter and transmission rods are decorated with lines; heavy metal pendulums are decorated with ‘Côtes de Genève’; the Zenith star logo; and other classic designs are fully displayed.

  Finally, take a hands-on picture of this watch. This flagship happy series equipped with El Primero chronograph movement is unified from the previous 40.5 mm and 45 mm diameters to the current 42 mm diameter. A modest diameter, suitable for most men.
Summary: Zenith Happy Series watches have won the favor of many men with their bold design styles, and today this watch for everyone to enjoy is available in four styles at the same time, stainless steel case with silver sun dial or black dial ; 18K rose gold case or rose gold and stainless steel case with silver sun dial. The classic shape of the happy series, with the legendary movement of 36,000 times per hour in Zenith, every detail of this watch can be said to be a legend, a classic.
For more watch details, please refer to: Zenith flagship happy watch series 18.2080.4021 / 01.C494 watch