Parmigiani Grand Opening In Hong Kong Central Store

The famous Swiss haute horlogerie brand Parmigiani celebrates the opening of a new shop-in-shop in the Emperor Watch & Jewellery in Central, Hong Kong, holding a special opening reception and an exhibition of the Atelier series of watches that demonstrate the brand’s superb watchmaking skills .

   On December 14, 2012, the famous Swiss haute horlogerie brand Parmigiani celebrated the opening of a new shop-in-shop in Emperor Watch & Jewellery, Central, Hong Kong. It held an opening reception and an exhibition of Atelier watches that showcased the brand’s superb watchmaking skills. Jean-Marc Jacot, CEO of Parmigiani, traveled further from Switzerland to Hong Kong to participate in the event.

   Parmigiani incorporates modern elements into traditional designs in the Emperor Watch & Jewellery shop, creating a warm, peaceful, intimate and comfortable watch appreciation space for watch lovers and collectors. The Parmigiani watches are displayed in the new store in a refined and elegant way, in line with the brand’s distinguished elegance.

   In the evening, guests experienced the brand’s innovation, independent spirit and the effort behind the creation of each watch. The Atelier exhibition in Hong Kong for the first time pushed the atmosphere of the reception to a peak. The Atelier series of watches are based on the concept of ‘travel’, showing the brand’s watchmaking craftsmanship and outstanding complex movement functions. The exhibition of Atelier series watches will only be held at special events, as a world tour exhibition. The special watch models of this series are different from the traditional watchmaking technology, showing the preciousness, rarity and uniqueness of the watch.

   Ms. Yang Nuosi, Chairman of Emperor Watches and Jewellery, said: ‘On behalf of Emperor Watches and Jewellery, I am very happy to cooperate with Parmigiani to open a shop-in-shop here. We will continue to bring more exciting masterpieces to showcase Parmigiani Superb luxury watches. We both strive for elegance and excellence and will continue to combine innovative design with traditional craftsmanship. ‘

   Mr. Jean-Marc Jacot, Chief Executive Officer of Parmigiani, said: ‘We are honored to have further friendly cooperation with Emperor Watch & Jewellery. This new shop-in-shop is an important milestone for brand development. The Asian market, especially the Hong Kong market , Has always occupied a very important position of the brand. We have developed rapidly in Hong Kong and other Asian markets, and we hope to continue to consolidate the development in Asia in the future. I believe this will be a good strategy for Parmigiani to expand its business. ‘

   In the new shop-in-shop, guests carefully appreciate the uniqueness of each Parmigiani watch. Emperor Watch & Jewellery’s new store in Central has played an important role in expanding the brand’s Asian and Hong Kong markets, and showcases the brand’s innovative but loyal watchmaking craftsmanship in the world of fine watchmaking.

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