Poper Fifty Years To Reshape The Unification Of Father And Son After Confrontation

‘I won’t be like you.’ This was the most rebellious sentence of His Majesty’s adolescent son. In his eyes, his father was either too harsh or too alienated. Some people say that father and son are inherently hostile, and mutual incomprehension is their inevitable obstacle.

   As his son matured, his father grew older. The boy grew into a man, but the old man began to have childlike innocence. Looking at each other, the old barriers gradually softened, and mutual understanding came into being. Although the sword was stretched out at the beginning, but also better able to understand each other. After all, it is a strong connection dissolved in blood, and the inheritance brought about in the gene is indelible. The son is the continuation of the father’s lifeline. The person who did not want to be a child as a child finally has to play his role.
   At this time, a solemn ritual appeared—when the father and the son shared a pair of watches, the timepiece on the wrist became the medal awarded by the father to the son, and also the son’s thanks.

   Like the Blancpain Fifty Flyback chronograph, as the father of the son-to-child pair, it has a black dial, a round bezel, and a casual nautical canvas strap. It has both professionalism and stylish texture, showing a low-key overall. And extravagant character. The strong contrast of the fluorescent indicator and the black background makes the pointer clear and legible. The design and configuration of the three functional small dials are sophisticated and sophisticated, bringing more possibilities for the wearing experience. It is equipped with F185
The movement, while providing accurate timekeeping, gives the watch an excellent flyback timing function, which is one of Blancpain’s proud professional technologies. On this mature timing system, pressing the button at 4 o’clock will immediately start a new timing operation, eliminating the hassle of stopping and resetting the hands. In addition, it has perfect water resistance and thoroughness, meeting the strict requirements of mature men for watch performance.

   Just like his father’s character—he is low-key and deep, but runs like a complicated machine inside and out; he is taciturn, but shoulders when he is critical; he is stereotyped and experienced, and has formed a unique style in his life. Maybe he was too severe and cautious, but the years passed, and years of commitment and perseverance will eventually make him gain respect and gratitude.
   On the other hand, the other 50-inch and 3-pin models have a similar and more concise black dial, which is more capable and smart. The replaceable brown leather strap makes this diving watch equally outstanding on formal occasions, highlighting men’s elegance; a date display window at 4 o’clock, inadvertently conveys a pragmatism. It is equipped with Blancpain’s 1315 automatic movement specially designed for sports watches. It uses an advanced balance spring, beryllium bronze balance, and gold fine-tuning screws to ensure excellent winding efficiency, and the accuracy is even beyond the observatory standard. Three barrels are connected in series, making the movement power for up to 120 hours, which means that it only needs to be worn occasionally during the week to make it last.

   It’s like a son’s traits: candid and capable, young and tireless. When he was young and reckless, he always fought against his father, but after the time has passed, he has become bold and mature. The son will eventually be respected by his father and respected by men, and he will have a better understanding of the role of ‘father’.
   Between the father and the son, as if this pair of pairs, the differences are similar, and the unity can be seen after the opposition. In such a dialectical relationship, the father-son relationship is continuously inherited and inherited, and it is eternally maintained.