To Winners Bucherer Joins Hands With Swiss Football Association

March 2014: The Swiss national football team will be wearing a special edition of the Plavio ScubaTec diving watch worn by Swiss watchmaker Bucherer Bucherer for the World Cup in Brazil.

 In the summer of 2014, the 20th Football World Cup will open in Brazil. At that time, the eyes of the world will gather at this grand event. The whole of Switzerland is looking forward to watching the wonderful performance of the national team. With a record of four wins and one draw in the qualifying round, the national team headed for Brazil. For this World Cup, Bucherer created a timepiece that highlights the strength of the Swiss national team and the great commitment of the brand.

 Swiss football goalkeeper and Bucherer brand ambassador Diego Benaglio (left) and Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri

 In addition, the cooperation between the Swiss National Football Association and Bucherer also reflects the close relationship between the Swiss watchmaker and the motherland. This shows that the two sides share common values: determination, tradition, vision and charisma, all of which cover the purpose of this new cooperation model. The special edition of the Plavio ScubaTec dive watch comes in the colors of the Swiss Football Association. On a black background, red is particularly eye-catching, and the high-profile watch design is designed to serve as a source of inspiration for the team and its coach throughout the game. Speaking about the idea behind this special edition watch, Sabre Baucherei CEO Sascha Moeri said, ‘This special edition of the Plavi ScubaTec diving watch is a source of passion and enthusiasm that will inspire athletes to perform well. It shows the power of will, and we believe that it can inspire the Swiss national team to stick to the road of success with its tenacious personality and determination to win. ‘At the end of May, about 40 national teams including players, coaches and staff Members will gather in the small town of Weggis in central Switzerland for final preparations before the World Cup. At that time, Bucherer will present them with a special edition of the Plavi ScubaTec diving watch.