Unisex Watch Cool Girl With Must-have Items

Mechanical watches with perseverance and complexity are no longer exclusive to men. Who said that complex guys that are purely mechanical can’t make women fascinate? In the eyes of women in the new century who advocate equality and freedom, wearing masculine mechanical watches on their slender wrists is undoubtedly a necessary match to show their beauty. Therefore, under the guidance of the trend of neutral wind, masculine women’s watches gradually gained the upper hand in the fashion industry. The large dial, high performance, and the cool color of the masculine flavor are the distinctive characteristics of this type of watch, conveying the strong confidence of women and encouraging their mechanical pulse.
Cold tones give cool extra points
In the new century, independent women are in no way inferior to men in all fields, and cold-toned watches can better set off their smart and capable side. The cool black, white, and gray weakens the weak side of women, but has an unparalleled texture, creating a charming neutral wind. Girard Perregaux 1966 Lady’s Diamond Watch
The smooth lines and the cool temperament complement each other. The coldness of the black strap and the warmth of the mother-of-pearl dial are perfectly blended in this watch. The simple and implicit design has a neutral retro charm.
Blancpain White 50 Seeker
Three-dimensional engraving makes the white watch more textured. The simple design makes the precise timing clear at a glance. The strong sporty atmosphere is the character of the neutral watch. The pure white design brings the refreshing and pleasant character.
Wonderful Time and Space
The watch is changing, and the watch design with double surface is the best among them. In order to maximize the decorativeness, designers began to add a second layer of dials to the original dials, just like putting a gorgeous coat on a pure mechanical casing. Therefore, double-sided watches are Bring unparalleled visual enjoyment, open the exquisite ornate first-layer case, and flip it down to present a unique double-sided space-time. Piaget limelight Paris New-York mysterious split bracelet watch
The diamond-studded case is the highlight of the entire watch. When closed, it is an elegant and noble decorative bracelet. When you gently open the case, the dial with accurate timekeeping immediately appears in front of you. , Just like the charming traits of modern urban women, combining the elegance of the day with the mystery of the night, making it elusive. The design associated with ‘couture dress’ makes the whole watch fashionable, and the decoration of bows and ribbons reveals a playful and cute side.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 Spherical Tourbillon Watch
It would be too outdated to just combine double-sided watches with jewellery decoration. The current timekeeping technology is accurate enough to combine flip-over design with mechanical innovation. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s spherical tourbillon double-sided watch is the best example, allowing the movement to completely get rid of the bad interference of gravity and always maintain accuracy. The real highlight is the first-layer case that can accommodate this big mechanical guy. The added lock can prevent the case from being opened accidentally. People also fully appreciate the ingenious mechanical structure under the leadership of the reversible case. .
Super performance brings out sports
Who said that women only loved gorgeous watches decorated with dazzling jewels, and the richness was equally attractive. The small dials on the watch and the superb and stable performance bring a sporty range for women’s watches, creating a clean and elegant image of urban beauty.
Lady Diver in Athens
A mermaid-like pure and elegant diving watch, with a cyan appearance and crystal clear, fused with seawater, the dynamic case enhances sports performance, revealing the unwavering heart of women’s soft and charming appearance.
Tissot Racing Daniela Patrick Limited Edition 2009
The rigid and flexible women’s racing watch, the cross-border design of the combination of racing and wristwatches has always been masculine, which is the consistent speed of this watch, which is the first choice for female athletes.
Big dial has great wisdom
After the 40mm dial shines in the men’s watch, designers seem to have tasted the sweetness in the large dial, and more and more creative neutral dials appear in women’s watches, whether it is classic round, or The personality of the barrel, the large dial shows the female side of wisdom.
Cartier Baignoire rose gold watch
The oval large dial is elegant and round, and the satin strap exudes a delicate and feminine temperament. The unique oval line was founded in 1912, which is another perfect interpretation of the retro style. RICHARD MILLE RM019 ‘Celtic Knot’ Women’s Tourbillon Watch
The large dial is resolute and exquisite. The symbol of eternal Celtic knot runs through every detail of the watch. With the hollow design, it reveals the mystery of mechanical operation. It is rare in women’s watches.